Saturday, January 10, 2015

An Analysis of WWII Infantry Weapon Sizes Scaled to Common Toy Soldier Sizes

There has been an ongoing discussion, sometimes devolving to heated arguments (no known duels yet, just kidding!?) occurring on the major toy soldier (military miniature) forums. Basically the challenge has two elements. The first element is what scale have the manufacturers used in sculpting/casting their figures, and are they consistent. The second element centers around how accurately are the weapons carried by the figures, consistent with that selected scale.

Have the good fortune of a fairly extensive reference library on small arms, as well as actual weapons themselves. For those having done any research on the subject, you quickly come to the realization of the total lack of data consistency. This is combined with the fact that not all references, regardless of thoughness, include any physical dimensions, let alone detailed size data. Other additional elements, like size differences between various Mks/Mods enter the picture, to say nothing of the fact that at least in the British and Commonwealth Forces different length rifle stocks were manufactured and issued. In this analysis the author has provided a representative inventory of infantry small arms, excluding pistols and revolvers. Am indebted to, and fully acknowledge both author Andrew Mollo and artist Malcolm McGregor for the use of their reasonably accurate identically scaled drawings in their book Army Uniforms of World War 2.

Hopefully the following chart is fairly self-explanatory (Please double click to enlarge):

The following set of two drawings includes all weapons cited in the previous table, and are identically scaled.