Sunday, June 14, 2015

A "Gallimaufry" of Militaria

As most bloggers quickly realize, it is a real challenge to keep coming up with new subject matter which will be of continuing interest to the viewer. In addition even with reasonably good equipment, I’m not the best of photographers. Specific apologies for shadow and glare on a couple of frames due to overhead lighting configuration and obstructions out in front, including a group of four descending miniature British paratroopers.

With that being said, thought I would present what some fellow Scots refer to as a “Gallimaufry”, which translated means a hash of odds and ends. Hopefully viewers will spot something of personal interest, somewhat analogous to going into an antique militaria shop or sections of a museum. The subject matter ranges from British and Commonwealth badges (predominately Scottish and Special Forces), to a grouping of the special forces insignia of the former Soviet Union. The Soviet grouping was collected in the brief window of 1989-1991, and to the best of the author's knowledge is righteous, i.e. all pieces genuine.

It should be stated from the outset, that while there are a significant number of rather scarce genuine pieces, however the seasoned collector will immediately spot some likely “fillers”, i.e., reproductions, due to the well established rarity of the real insignia.  This is principally due to the fact that in the condition they are in, the real article can only be found in regimental museums or advanced private collections, and would be at prohibitive prices if made available to the average collector. However, a significant number of these insignia were acquired in Great Britain on midshipman cruises as early as the summer of 1955.

Viewers are invited to check back, as I will be expanding the number of photographs as well as descriptions for persons who may not be that familiar with certain types of insignia. In addition if you have a question about a specific item, please don't hesitate to mention it in the comments, and I will try to respond in the same comments section.

An assortment of regimental titles and formation badges
of the British Army and rating badges of the Royal Navy

Various WWII British Armed Forces shoulder titles, formation
 badges, and skill-at-arms insignia

Same frame from a different angle

Another assortment of WWII British Airborne Forces and
 Combined Operations insignia, as well as Army Formation
and Skill-at-Arms badges

Same frame from a different angle

A significant assortment of WWII British Special Forces
insignia including Airborne Forces, Royal Marine
 Commando, Special Air Service, and Canadian Parachute

A look at some WWII vintage RAF brevets, British Army
 Skill-at-Arms badges, Shoulder titles and Formation insignia

Same frame from a different angle

An assortment of British Special Forces insignia including
Royal Marine Swimmer-Canoeist qualifications (Special Boat
Service), Fleet Air Arm Pilot's wings, Special Air Service
Regiment, Chindits, Parachute Regiment brevets and
 Drop Zone badges, and Canadian Airborne insignia

A grouping of insignia from the Gordon
Highlanders and affiliated regiments from
the London Scottish, to Canada and
 South Africa

A close-up presenting a chronology of the
 cap badges of the Gordon Highlanders
throughout the "Life of a Regiment"

Predominately cap badges of Scottish Regiments of the
Canadian Army, also included are the Canadian and
 Australian Army Intelligence Corps, Lord Stratcona's
 Horse and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Basically the cap badges of the Scottish Regiments of the
British Army

A drum-major's baldric of the 1st Bn of
the Parachute Regiment 

A detailed close-up of the baldric showing
the battle honors "Bruneval",
"Normandy Landing"  and "Arnhem

The blazon of a regimental side drum
of the 1st Bn 92nd Gordon Highlanders

Details of the uniform of a Lieut-Colonel
of the 92nd Gordon Highlanders circa 1936

Further details of the same uniform

Principally the special qualification badges of Royal Marine
Mountain Leader, Swimmer-Canoeist, and other specialized
qualification distinctions, as well as Royal Navy Rating badges

A variety of special forces insignia of the former Soviet Union
including Airborne Forces (VDV), Naval Infantry and Spetsnaz

A grouping of Parachute Regiment, Glider Pilot Regiment,
Special Forces, and Royal Marines, as well as Canadian
Airborne Forces

A variety of British and Canadian Airborne and Special
Forces, also note the crossed lances of the Musical Ride
of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Another grouping of British special forces insignia including
the Parachute Regiment, Royal Marines, Special Air Service,
Canadian Airborne and the Royal Navy Submarine Parachute
Assistance Group

Airborne and Special Forces of Canada, as well as RCMP
 Emergency Response Team and British Gulf War insignia