Monday, May 8, 2017

The History of 'Tin Soldiers' from a Russian Perspective

This author readily admits to a certain biased preference towards W. Britains Ltd toy soldiers, primarily due to the fact that they were the predominant brand acquired in childhood, and their ranks were retained and increased in adult life.

However an event directly resulting from this blog, has resulted in opening a new perspective. Approximately a year ago an apparent massive interest in the blog occurred from the Russian Federation, manifest in literally thousands of hits in a very short period of time. That interest has been sustained. Only very recently has continuing curiosity been rewarded by the discovery of a television special presented on Russian television on “tin soldiers”, their history and development, which now has been shown on YouTube.

Unlike many western television specials, this program was not a shallow, abbreviated, heavily edited effort, but an extensive presentation of the subject from a uniquely Russian vantage point. It is with gratitude and acknowledgment to both YouTube and the Russian television network RTG tv, that the following is presented. This author thought that the mystery of the sudden, literally massive, influx of hits had possibly been partially solved.

However, further investigation on the Internet of the established extremely high incidence and volume of 'boting' originating from Russia has greatly tempered my enthusiasm and judgement of any direct correlation with an inordinate national interest in toy soldiers. Unfortunately it has resulted in the total inability to maintain any semblance of accuracy on the number of valid "hits" from the Russian Federation. 

In that context viewing what is believed to be the entire presentation transferred to YouTube still immediately provides evidence as to the strong level of Russian interest in the subject. Hopefully readers of this blog, taking the time and effort, given they have the inclination, will appreciate with a new understanding the international fascination with “tin soldiers” of all manufacturers and all times.