Saturday, June 22, 2013

Other Volunteer Battalions of Scottish Regiments of the British Army 1860 – 1908

In his book titled; Records of the Scottish Volunteer Force 1859 - 1908, Lt. Gen. Sir James Moncrieff Grierson, KCB, CVO, CMG,ADC (both artist and author), McLagan & Cumming, Edinburgh, 1908, presented all significant volunteer battalions of the Scottish regiments of the British Army during the Victorian Era.

Previously presented on this blog were plates depicting the volunteer battalions of the Gordon Highlanders. In this post I would like to add to those, the remaining plates of Lt.Gen Sir James Grierson’s superlative talents, depicting the balance of the volunteer battalions. 

Even with the significant presence of the grey and Loden cloth, and a smattering of khaki from the Boer War, it is hard to realize that in less than a decade these uniforms would be essentially lost forever, replaced by Brodie steel helmets, khaki webbed equipment, and respirators.

Please double click on any of the images to enlarge them.

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