Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sincere Thanks to Readers on Third Anniversary of Arnhem Jim Blog

While it hardly seems possible, this blog is rapidly approaching its third anniversary in late March. With consistently expanding, readership and support, the blog continues to grow. There are readers now identified in 164 countries, literally Andorra to Zimbabwe, Greenland to the Falkland Islands, with the number of hits now exceeding 180,000. I’m most sincerely appreciative of the continuing support provided by readers of this blog, and want to personally thank each of you very much.

I have to apologize for a reduction in rate of the number of articles presented in the blog, but quite honestly ideas for subject matter have become increasing harder to conceive. What consistent readers may have noticed is that older articles have been refined and expanded with additional details, and corrections made, as they are discovered,

One specific area that I will try and continue to focus on is the ever expanding market in fraudulent items of militaria, everything from cap badges to field equipment. With newer and younger collectors emerging, this is fertile ground for exploitation by unscrupulous individuals. As the centennial of World War I occurs I would anticipate that memorabilia from that period would be particularly susceptible to nefarious endeavors by “war profiteers” of a new generation.

The other inevitable fact of life is that as my generation of collectors becomes older, collections which have been acquired over decades will be coming onto the market. This means that genuine items, acquired in the period when there were a broad range of “war surplus” stores and other sources, will appear to look like they have just been drawn from quartermaster stores. Wary collectors will be understandably reticent to believe that items in this condition could be anything but newly manufactured replicas. This will require the continuous acquisition of knowledge by newer collectors in order to discern the “wheat from the chaff”. I hope that the information contained in this blog will continue to be an aid in that process. An additional suggestion is to join and actively participate to the extent of your knowledge, an online forum(s) of people with similar interests to you. Don't be afraid of asking questions. For the most part the members of these forums were not always that knowledgable, and will be of ready assistance to newcomers. Realize too that they are also interested in the identification of reproductions (not clearly identified as such), as well as outright fraudulent items. Some forums have specific sections related to the subject.

I would sincerely invite anyone with a specific field of interest regarding the British Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces at the Battle of Arnhem, “toy soldiers”/military miniatures, or any aspect of militaria collectibles, not to hesitate contacting me via the “comments” section on any of the blog pages related to your query. I will try and respond with either relevant links related to your request, or after research publish an additional bog page on the subject to the extent of my knowledge.

For those who might be interested the following is a three part video of the presentation of new regimental colours to the 4th Battalion (TA), The Parachute Regiment, by the Prince of Wales, at historical Hardwick Hall, home of the regiment's training depot in World War II.


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