Sunday, March 19, 2017

The 1970’s - The Decade of the Restrike in British Cap Badges

Periodically a gem of guidance surfaces to assist the badge collector in the continuing challenge of determining the wheat from the chaff, i.e. righteous badges from the frauds. Newer collectors may take some solace in the fact that the challenge has been around for a while. As you will read, even then the researcher's admonition was pretty stringent. Also note that the majority of guidance is not directed at the obverse of the badges, but the reverse, including markings, sliders and lugs. 

In 1980 the imminent badge collector, Mr. Laurence V. “Laurie “Archer commenced a detailed forensic analysis (aka “working notes”) of what he then politely termed “restrikes”, for the edification and guidance of his fellow collectors. It is entitled; “The 1970’s; the decade of the restrike”. Unfortunately the available documentation focuses only on badges of the Cavalry Regiments of the British Army, but does include limited information on Yeomanry and Territorial Cavalry Regiments.

His level of expertise was fully recognized and appreciated by Arthur L. Kipling & Hugh L. King in their definitive tomes, Headdress Badges of the British Army, as he wrote the chapter on restrikes in both volumes of their works. For those fortunate to possess these definitive references you will note Archer's reference to "KK" numbers.

Not in any way intending to detract, but rather to further promulgate this definitive work, the author wishes to fully acknowledge and express gratitude to Mr. Peter Brydon of the British & Commonwealth Military Badge Forum for his resurrection of a significant portion of Laurie Archer’s in-depth research.

Although this author has attempted to enhance the pages that follow, apologies for some lack of legibility. Given the considered value of information, hopefully a little eye strain can be endured by the reader. In addition, Alan O, a senior moderator of the forum should also be thanked for providing specific photographic examples of some of the cited badges.


A 1950's large font Gaunt London mark on a fake Royal Dublin
Fusilier Badge

A fake King's Royal Rifle Corps badge with fraudulent
slider shape

A fake Artists' Rifles (28th Bn The London Regiment) cap
 badge with fraudulent makers mark 

A fake 1st Demolition Squadron (Popski's Private Army)
badge with fake makers mark 

Another fake Royal Dublin Fusilier Regiment badge with
fraudulent J R Gaunt London mark

A fake Lambournes mark on a Wiltshire Badge

A fake Tyneside Scottish badge with a "Made in England"
impressed on the back

A 1970's fraudulent Gaunt Bham mark

A 2nd Volunteer Bn Norfolk Regiment with fake BP&Co mark

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